This device is not actually designed to whisk away all the dinner leftovers of your entire family, ad infinitum.

Pledging lifelong devotion to another person is really all too easy.

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Turns Out, It’s an Ancient Yogic Tradition!


or, How I Learned to Listen to What My Body Needs and Love Bitter Foods Even Though They Make Me Involuntarily Scrunch Up My Face

A woman’s long-lashed, heavily browed, single blue eye peering out from a hole in a large, veined leaf.
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Listening to my body

Even when it would’ve been easier to just tear into a bag of kettle chips

Breaking the Caregiver’s Curse:
Rediscovering Joy in Life’s Most Difficult Season
hit #2 in its category on the Amazon Bestseller List!

When Caring for a Cancer-Stricken Spouse Feels Like a Curse

Lumina Loveday

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